Phoenix Silent Auction

Welcome to the Phoenix Silent Auction! 
Before participating in the auction, you will need to read the rules listed below. As soon as you participate in the auction, you will be held accountable for knowing and abiding by these rules. 
Auction Rules
1. By bidding in the Phoenix Silent Auction, each bidder agrees to these auction rules. 
2. In order to bid, students must complete the bidding form in its entirety with truthful and accurate information. Bids must exceed the most recent previous bid by at least $1 STAR buck in order to be considered.
Note: No names are to be used on the bidding form. S-numbers only!
3. Each bidder must have the exact amount they are bidding in cash or in the bank. A lack of funds will result in immediate disqualification from current and future silent auctions.
3. All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds and all items are "as is". 
4. Payment for items purchased must be made in full on the final day of the auction to the teacher named as executor of the item. 
Note: If absent, students will have 1 day to claim their prize, otherwise the item will go to the next highest bidder.
5. Phoenix teachers reserve the right to add or withdraw items, without notice, to or from the auction.