Lakeview's 7 Expectations


1.  Display a Positive Attitude.  I keep a positive face and pleasant voice.  I encourage others to do the right thing.
2.  Exhibit Self-Control. I can be okay even when others aren’t.  I can be okay when I’m experiencing a big feeling.  I can allow adults to be in charge.  I can do my work, even when I don’t want to.
3.  Respect Others and Yourself.  I am dressed appropriately for the school day.  I keep my hands off other people and their things.  I avoid starting and spreading rumors.  I walk on the right side of the hallway and allow others to pass.  I do not roll my eyes.  I do not take part in bullying.
4.  Be Prepared for Learning.  I have the correct books and supplies when class begins.  I have my work completed on time. I ask questions when I don’t understand.
5.  Work Well with Others.  I listen to other people’s ideas, even though they are different than mine.  I wait to speak and take turns, I don’t blurt out.  I do what I say I’m going to do. I work as a team.
6.  Be Polite in Words and Actions. I use kind words.  I say please and thank you.  I call other students and adults by their proper name.
7.  Follow Directions the First Time.   I look at the person to see if he or she is talking to me.  I listen to directions.  If I don’t understand, I ask for clarification.  I do exactly what I am asked RIGHT AWAY.